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Top Ten Taylor Swift Songs to...shake it off to!

We're hanging for normalcy and some great events to fill our 'Top Ten Things to Do' but until then enjoy the Taylor Swift tunes!

10. I Don't Wanna Live Forever ft Zayn

(Fifty Shades Darker, 2016)

Taylor Swift recorded this song as a duet with Zayn Malik for the movie Fifty Shades Darker. The song is from the perspective of the characters in the film Ana (Dakota Johnson) and Christian (Jamie Dornan), who have a love/hate relationship. This won for Best Collaboration at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. It marked the very first time a former One Direction member had claimed a VMA as a solo artist.

9. Me! ft Brendan Urie

(Lover, 2019)

This was a massive song for Taylor Swift fans as there was rumours at the time she was pairing up with another artist...we later discovered it was Brendan Urie of Panic! at the Disco. An empowering song about self-love and acceptance which touched on Taylor's struggle to handle fame and betrayal.

8. You Need to Calm Down

(Lover, 2019)

Taylor is calling out the haters and anti-gay protesters in this track making You Need to Calm Down a big LGBTQIA+ anthem! Some big icons of the gay community feature in this film clip including Queer Eye's Fab Five, Ellen DeGeneres, RuPaul, Adam Lambert, even bringing in Katy Perry to bury the hatchet on some previous feuding that had gone on between the pair. This charted at number 3 in Australia and fell short at number 2 in the US to the number 1 of the year Old Town Road from Lil Nas X.

7. We Are Never Getting Back Together

(Red, 2012)

This is the first single from Taylor's fourth album Red, and was one of those songs that just came together during a conversation at a studio session. The team she was writing with asks her if she is getting back together with her ex. And so the phrase and the title of the song, "We Are Never Getting Back Together" was born.

FUN FACT: The film clip was shot in one take, complete with costume changes that included velcro so they could be ripped off at the last minute.

6. Bad Blood

(1989, 2015)

When you're as famous as Taylor Swift, occasionally people tend to want what you have and betrayal happens. This is exactly what she is singing about in Bad Blood. Apparently the story is that someone was trying to sabotage an entire arena tour, trying to hire a bunch of people out from underneath her. Another number 1 hit for the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand which was loved and hated. Many critics would say this didn't feel like it was her work at all--like what, she can't try different styles?

5. Look What You Made Me Do

(Reputation, 2017)

This track from Reputation had a totally different vibe from her last record dipping into a dark dance-pop style pulling from the rhythmic structure of Right Said Fred's I'm Too Sexy. The song garnered a lot of media attention as it seemed like Taylor was directing it at Kanye/Kim K or Katy Perry. Of course the media is only interested in drama so it was played up heavily in this time. Look What You Made Me Do was a massive hit, charting at number 1 in 16 countries and despite its success, it still divided fans and critics.

4. I Knew You Were Trouble

(Red, 2012)

I Knew You Were Trouble won the first YouTube Phenomenon award, a song chosen based on views, likes and subscriptions. Such a massive song in Australia, topping the charts at number 3. The song touches on a relationship she realised wasn't right when she got into it.


Taylor Swift wrote this on piano and originally imagined it as a slow ballad.

3. Blank Space

(1989, 2015)

Spending so much time in the public eye, Taylor Swift wrote a song that encapsulated the media's point of view of her at the time and created a character from it.

Half the people got the joke, half the people thought I was really owning the fact that I'm a psychopath. Either one's fine. It was #1 for eight or nine weeks, so I have no complaints."

This song beat Beyonce's 7/11 at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards but this time there was no Kanye interjecting, trying to say that Beyonce deserved the award.

2. Shake It Off

(1989, 2015)

Perhaps one of the many songs that defined the 2010s, Shake it off was a massive number 1 hit in the US, Australia and 7 other countries. The song comes from Taylor's fear of not being accepted and brought the phrase "haters gonna hate" into the vocabulary for many people.


The phrase "shake it off" shows up 36 times in this song, mostly in the chorus. "Shake" appears 70 times.

1. Love Story

(Fearless, 2008)

Taylor Swift was at the beginning of her career when Fearless came out and Love Story was a song she had to fight for. Like most of Swift's songs, this was based on a real experience. As a teenager, she had an argument with her parents over a boy - they thought he was a creep, and Taylor thought it was love. This song began Taylor's Love Story with Australia as it was the first song that went to number 1 in the land down under.


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