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Top Ten Cafes to explore in Tamworth

I know we're hanging for normal events to be back, like watching team sports to theatre, even going back to the cinemas would be nice! But until then, we want to give you our Top Ten Cafes to explore in Tamworth!

Honourary mention: Camp Grounds next door to The Welder's Dog

A new cafe and coffee joint on the scene, with mindfully chosen coffee beans from ethical Aussie roasters.

You can also pick up bags of the blend in store and online along with the brew gear for the real coffee fanatics!


10. Gusto

Open Monday to Friday 7am - 4pm, Saturday and Sunday 7am - 2pm

Gusto are situated next door to Target in a gorgeous part of Peel Street. This is your classic cafe, boasting a variety of salads, sandwiches, wraps and burgers. If coffee isn't for you, Gusto also offer a selection of juices made fresh on-site. Also perfect for the kids with a special menu just for them!

9. Gloria Jeans

Open Monday to Friday 7am - 6:30pm, Saturday and Sunday 7am - 5:30pm

You can't say you haven't been caught out late in the afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday, absolutely hanging for a coffee and all the cafes are shut! Not Gloria Jeans in Peel Street--they stay open until 5:30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

They have perhaps the most creative collection of coffees, frappes, iced lattes and more, with a good selection of toastinis and desserts to choose from. Why not try a drink you've never had before? Or for the coffee purist, choose from four types of beans! Nicaraguan Single Origin Blend, House Blend, Sereno Blend, or the classic Gloria Jeans Original Blend.

8. Sonnys

Open Monday - Sunday 6am - 2pm

Are you a fan of good bread and good coffee? Well that's a dumb question, but how about REALLY good bread? Sonny's the place to be. Stop in for a coffee, a freshly made gourmet pie or sausage roll, and maybe pick up a take away salad for lunch. It's a relaxing atmosphere to wind down during the weekend. They also offer vegetarian and gluten free options for those that need it.

7. Ruby's Cafe and Gift Store

Open Wednesday - Saturday 8am until 2pm, Sunday 8am until 1pm

How would you like to feel like you're just popping over to a friend's place for an exquisite coffee, and a look at their new jewellry? Well, Ruby's is exactly that. It's a family friendly cafe, and gift store stocking Kane & Co earrings and more! The best part is the cafe itself opens out to a shady backyard eating area. Why not choose from their sweet selection including almond croissants, flourless cakes, mini cheesecakes, or pick up their freshly made meals including Thai Green Curry for your day's lunch.

6. Inland Cafe

Open 6am - 3pm Monday to Friday, Saturday 6:30 - 2pm, Sunday 7am - 12pm

It's fair to say location is everything, and I've heard plenty of reviews about how this cafe has the perfect position on Peel Street.

While the Inland Cafe sits humbly between an acupuncturist and a bakery, the menu is far from humble as it offers more than your typical breakfast and lunch meals.

In the mood for a Lentil wrap? Fish Tacos? How about the Trio of Sliders? It's nice to have a wide variety when you're hungry! But if you just need some scrambled eggs or a classic BLT, they'll have you sorted as well.

5. Hissy Fits

Open Tues 7:30am - 2:30pm, Wed - Sat 7:30am - 2:30pm and 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Voted highly as a go to for many of our 92.9 staff members, Hissy Fits is a cool and eclectic cafe with a unique menu that changes with the seasons. Pop in for breakfast or lunch and try out some of their new menu items! Or if you just need a coffee, they'll take care of you too!

4. String n Beans

Open Tuesday - Sunday 9am - 2pm

Feel like saying hi to the lovely ladies at the Golden Guitar information centre, why not also pop in for a coffee at String n Beans! Highly recommended for their friendly service and tasty coffee, especially if you like it strong! Make it a morning tea affair and pick from their homemade jam selection to have with fresh scones!

3. The Bake Stops Here

Open Monday - Friday 6am - 5pm, Saturday 7pm -2pm, Sunday CLOSED

If you haven't made the Bake Stop one of your go-to's by now, then you are definitely missing out! These guys make all their bakery pies and donuts fresh on premise, and their coffee is second to none. Most importantly though is their selection of donuts. Taste as light as a Krispy Kreme, but better because it's local.

They also offer Cronuts, which is just as extravagant as it seems. Mix a croissant/donut pastry together, and cut it in half adding fillings, fruit, icing and more. If you're lucky, even their day old donuts at the counter are just as tasty as the fresh ones. Why not check your center console in the car and grab 2 for $2!

2. Hopscotch Restaurant & Bar

Open Monday - Sunday 7am - 2:30pm

You've probably walked the Peel River with a thirst for a good coffee or watched your kids play on the Adventure Playground at Bicentennial Park many times and felt the pangs of hunger...if that's you, don't hesitate a second longer and make a beeline for Hopscotch! They have an incredible breakfast selection which is available all day, or try out one of their burgers while sitting in the sunshine. Always a great atmosphere at Hopscotch, and their outdoor seating is pooch friendly!

1. Le Pruneau

Open Monday - Friday 6am - 6pm, Saturday 7am - 2pm

There's definitely some special cafes in town which bake and make on-site, but La Pruneau takes it one step further being a regional French restaurant. The team are always friendly, and the seating area is spread out around the courtyard of the building.

Don't go looking up their sweets menu online, the joy is in fact popping in for a coffee only to realise you're leaving with a whole Black Forest Cake, a homemade Wagon Wheel or a Monte Carlo. It's always a surprise what you'll find in their cabinet! Don't forget they also stock a supply of fresh fruit and vegetables sourced locally on the verandah and in the Market Room inside.


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