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24-hour drive-thru just metres from aged care home

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

The development application for the newly proposed McDonalds in North Tamworth shows the 24-hour service will have a two-lane drive-thru on the fence line with Freedom Aged Care home.

The documents submitted to Tamworth Regional Council say the developer has undertaken an assessment to measure the possibility of sound disturbance, and the developers believe there will not be any sleep disturbance from the 24-hour service.

Section 5 of the Environmental Effects document submitted with the DA also states the developer believes the restaurant will have an ongoing positive social impact for North Tamworth and the wider Tamworth community.

The submission period opened yesterday and will remain open to the community for two weeks until Thursday 30th of July.

Image from the Plan set - Web document. Uploaded with the development application on Tamworth Regional Council website.


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