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$28 million to complete long-awaited Tamworth Intermodal

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

The long-delayed Tamworth Intermodal has received a fresh injection of funds this morning with the announcement of an additional $28 million of state funding.

Deputy Premier John Barilaro made the announcement this morning accompanied by Tamworth MP Kevin Anderson, Tamworth Mayor Cole Murray and Qube Logistic's Sean Hovey on the construction site of the soon to be Global Gateway.

Mr Barilaro said the state government is using investment in regional areas to reboot the economy as communities emerge from drought and COVID-19.

"If we invest in infrastructure that connects our producers to our ports, and infrastructure that allows us to move freight in an affordable and easy way this will create jobs and reboot the economy, " Mr Barilaro said.

Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson said the project has been on the table for quite some time and is the key to regional growth and the economic prosperity of Tamworth and the North West.

The project originally received $7 million dollars back in 2017 and has been plagued by delay after delay leaving local producers wondering if it will ever come to fruition.

"The return of freight rail to Tamworth will complete a trifactor of transport connectivity which is the key to growth," Mr Anderson said.

Qube Holdings has entered a commercial agreement with Tamworth Regional Council and committed to spending $5 million dollars on the Global Gateway Hub.

Sean Hovey, Quebe Logistics, said the new rail will give local produces the ability to export efficiently.

Mr Hovey said from an agricultural perspective there is going to be a big harvest this year and Qube would like the rail to be up and running by September 2021 to ensure they can assist with transport for next years yield.

"We also have a good relationship with the meat export industry and they will be a key customer," Mr Hovey said, "But there will be even more opportunities that will come of that back of that like renewables that are coming through in the region."

Mr Hovey said Qube has committed to using local trades and suppliers for the construction phase.

"We have already engaged with a couple of local guys to ensure that when we go to tender for the construction that we do source locally," said Mr Hovey," We want to be part of the community and we want the community to benefit."


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