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ABCRA campdraft national finals cancelled

Picture: Jodie Adams Photography

The Australian Bushmen's Campdraft and Rodeo Association has cancelled their campdraft national final scheduled for Tamworth due to the impact of drought and fires on the region.

However, all of ABCRA’s other scheduled events are set to go ahead.

The Campdraft MRC met with the ABCRA board of directors on January 7 to discuss the 2020 event, the concern of current climatic conditions and the impact to stakeholders.

The decision was made to cancel the three-day competition with the end of year title winners to be decided by a point score tally as of November 30, 2019.

Craig Young, ABCRA'S executive officer, said the concern with the current climatic conditions, drought and fires in particular, and the impact on all stakeholders was the basis of the discussion.

Mr Young said there had been some disappointment and frustration in the wake of the announcement, but most people understood why the decision had been made.

He added that the other events, including the junior and senior rodeo, were full steam ahead and promised a great weekend of entertainment and competition.

In a statement, the board apologised for the decision at this late stage.

"The inconvenience and disappointment caused is not the intention of the board but to ensure that the proper course of action has been taken for all concerned and that the board has supported the Campdraft MRC," it read.

"The Campdraft MRC called a meeting with the Board of Directors on Tuesday the 7 January 2020 to discuss the running of the Campdraft National Finals this year.

Following a recommendation of the Campdraft MRC the board resolved that the Campdraft National Finals are cancelled.

"The Campdraft end of year title winners will be decided by the point score tally as of the 30 November 2019," the statement continued.

"All qualifying riders and horses will receive their Jackets and rugs as normal with the presentation of the End of Year awards to be held at a date to be set by the Campdraft MRC.

"All fees paid will be refunded in due course to qualifiers."

For more information and tickets to the rodeo events click here.


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