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Armidale records 1 new case of COVID-19 and no positive sewage for Tamworth/Gunnedah

One new positive case of COVID-19 has been recorded in Castle Doyle in the Armidale Local Government Area.

Hunter New England Heath (HNEH) said the case is a resident of Armidale who works between Armidale and Mudgee. Further testing is currently underway as, according to Dr David Durrheim, Public Health Controller, HNELHD COVID-19 response, the case is a “low level positive detection”.

“We thank him and his family who have been repeatedly tested so that we better understand what the actual community risk is,” said Dr Durrheim.

It comes as the Hunter New England district recorded 10 new cases on Friday, bringing the regions total number of cases to 203 since 5 August 2021.

In terms of sewage detection results for Tamworth and Gunnedah, Mayor Col Murray alludes to no news as good news.

“I’m probably fairly pleased to say we’ve got nothing to report about the COVID-[sewage] testing, we haven’t had any advice on a positive [sewage] test or otherwise. The COVID report this morning with the Deputy Premier hasn’t advised of any positive [sewage] result so we can only assume at this stage that we don’t have a positive, although we can’t confirm that,” said Mr Murray.

“Council will still continue working with NSW Health, we’ll have another test taken on Monday and that will be recorded on Wednesday”, he said.

“We have no further advice there.”


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