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Bashing from B to B

Variety the Children’s Charity’s NSW Bash is no stranger to Tamworth, having passed through the region on many occasions.

However, the charity is asking for Tamworth residents to support them in their annual B to B Bash that travels from Bathurst all the way across to the Batavia Coast in Western Australia this August.

“It is an interstate version of the NSW Bash held across 10 to 14 days depending on the chosen route,” said Rob Vincent, the Motoring Events Manager at Variety.

It is a once in a lifetime adventure that takes three hundred bashers in their old cars and funky themes across 5,500km, visiting regional and rural schools along the way to donate much-needed items and equipment.

It is a fundraiser, a celebration of people coming together, and a challenge of making it through to the finish line with cars older than 25 years.

“You meet people that become friends for life, and you get to challenge yourself on dirt roads. It’s such an amazing experience,” shared three-time B to B Basher Peter Ryan.

Other than the cars being decades old, the bashes are also well known for their funky themes.

Peter’s car is always ‘cowboys’ themed, something he says is fitting for his hometown of Tamworth.

“We don’t need to go far for our buckles, boots and hats and even our car has big cow horns on the front.”

Participants can enter with their own car and mates or simply join another team.

“As participants, we get as much out of it as what we give,” said Peter.

“Seeing the smiles on the kids' faces really lets you know how much of a difference you are making, especially at the moment when people are going through rough times.”

Peter Ryan and his team of cowboys.


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