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Best of the Buskers Championships

Quit your superstar daydreaming and register for the Toyota Country Music Busking Championships, where you have a chance of turning your dreams into a reality.

Performing throughout the 10-day Toyota Country Music Festival, buskers will have a chance to impress, with judges roaming the streets to select the top ten performers.

The ten top performing buskers will have the opportunity to perform in front of a crowd of hundreds at the Toyota Best of the Buskers concert on the final Sunday of the Festival.

The Busking Championships are an opportunity for budding stars to follow in the footsteps of artists like Kasey Chambers and Keith Urban. The festival is expected to see around 400 buskers lining Tamworth’s Peel Street, performing on the ‘Boulevard of Dreams’ to get a leg up into the music industry.

“Every year my mum and dad would pack us kids up in the car, we would head to Tamworth, and camp for two weeks,” says Golden Guitar winner, Kirsty Lee Akers.

“I would perform in talent quests and busk on Peel Street and the money I earned from busking paid for my first ever EP when I was 16.”

Toyota Australia Chief Marketing Officer John Pappas said the busking championships is always a highlight of the Toyota Country Music Festival and the music on the streets is what really brings the community together.

“Over the years we have seen some extraordinarily talented musicians and performers head for Tamworth for the busking championships and for many of today’s stars, it’s where they got their very first break,” Mr Pappas said.

“It’s always a tough decision for the judges, but the championships really showcase that celebration of community spirit and support for regional and rural Australia that is at the heart of the whole festival,” he said.

Up and coming artists looking for their big break can register for busking online at


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