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'Blueprint' to reach 100000 to be put before council

At the final meeting for the year, council’s "plan of all plans" to see the city reach a population of 100,000 will be put to councillors.

Director of Planning and Compliance Brent McAlister said Blueprint 100 provides a definitive path to reach their target by 2041.

"It is the first time that we have one plan," he said.

Mr McAlister acknowledged concerns about the drought and whether the water supply could sustain such a jump in resident numbers, but said the recent announcement of $480 million for Dungowan Dam would go a long way to providing long-term water security for the region.

"The city will grow to 80,000 at one percent growth by 2041 if we do nothing," he said.

"Now there is a commitment to that almost half a billion dollar new dam.

"There is no doubt that water security is the key to Blueprint as it is the key to people coming here, to investment and banks supporting the region."

Mr McAlister said the plan to increase the number of residents had identified gaps such as shortages in housing and even that Tamworth does not have a pool open all year round.

"We are going to have a massive shortage of one and two bedroom units so that is something Tamworth needs to address," he said.

Mr McAlister added that Blueprint 100 would ensure the city could meet its population target that would in turn bring better infrastructure and support for residents by 2041.

"The main target is to lift the prosperity and quality of life for the region," he said.

"Cities of 100,000 have key things that we need like really good public transport, and diversity of housing, so there is a rationale."


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