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Call to fight for New England polling centres

Barnaby Joyce is calling on voters to join the fight to keep voting centres open across the New England.

Following a review of all polling booths across the region, the Australian Electoral Commission recently advised it is considering closing the Niangala, Red Range, Elsmore, Blandford and Upper Horton polling booths for the next federal election in 2022.

Concerns are heightened following the AEC’s recent decision to close the Jennings voting centre in the Electorate’s far north despite representations from Mr Joyce and the local community.

Mr Joyce has requested that constituents in affected areas contact his office to express their views about the proposed closures.

“I know the importance of local polling booths to small communities – I grew up with one in my hometown of Woolbrook,” he said.

“As the local MP, I have the opportunity to provide comment to the AEC on the proposed closure of voting centres in our Electorate.

“Those who also don’t want to see voting centres closing in their area should contact my office as soon as possible as the AEC requires my response by March 23.”


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