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Catch Sydney Writer's Festival without leaving town

Throughout history, literature has always been a source of entertainment,

always adapting to new traditions and styles to inspire people throughout

the world.

Literature has influenced the population with fiction and non-fiction, sharing

facts and fantasies of writers brave enough to share them with the world.

Sydney Writers’ Festival’s Live & Local program returns to the Tamworth

Region in 2023 to bring the best of the festival direct to surrounding libraries.

One of Australia’s most loved forums of literature, ideas and storytelling,

Sydney Writers’ Festival will livestream its headline events to Tamworth,

Bingara, Nundle, Quirindi, and Walcha Libraries between Thursday May 25

and Sunday May 28.

Be engaged in discussions, debates and conversations featuring some of the

world’s finest writers and thinkers like Jane Harper, Eleanor Catton, and Colson


Audiences are invited participate in a live Q&A session at each event,

communicating with the authors via SMS direct to the Sydney stage.

Tamworth Library will host all livestream sessions and its partners libraries


  • Tamworth Library, 466 Peel Street – Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 May.

  • Bingara Library, 29 Maitland Street – Thursday 25 and Friday 26 May.

  • Nundle Library, Innes Street – Thursday 25 May to Saturday 27 May.

  • Quirindi Library, 193 George Street – Thursday 25 to Saturday 27 May.

  • Walcha Library, 42N Derby Street – Thursday 25 May.


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