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Chance to share Tamworth's new reality with 'My Iso Family'

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Credit: Shutterbug

Everyone's lives have changed dramatically with the spread of COVID-19, and one online community is encouraging local families to share their new reality with each other.

On Friday, Tamworth True launched its third official event 'I am Tamworth True'.

The online event is a photography challenge that encourages everyone in the region to capture a photo of themselves or their families at home during the pandemic and share their personalities and realities with the town.

Founder of the Facebook group and online community Tamworth True, Jody Ekert, is encouraging everyone to join in with the theme “My Iso Family”.

“We have support from several local photographers who will share photography tips with us during the event as well as their own work as inspiration to help us become better photographers”, she said.

Local photographer Josh Turner from JT Photography is one supporter.

“Normally I shoot sport events, social and community events, family and personal portraits and sometimes the occasional wedding," he said.

"Obviously that isn't happening now so this is a great initiative. I took my own iso family portrait just on an iPhone.”

Tamworth True is encouraging both serious and silly photos that reflect the diversity of the city.

“During the pandemic, we've certainly seen that Aussies have a sense of humour”, said Ms Ekert.

“Things like dressing up to take out your wheelie bin have taken off and we'd love to see people show off their costumes and families locally at home.”

“We also know Tamworth has a fabulous bunch of creative folk looking for outlets and almost everyone has access to a camera phone.

"It's an easy thing to hand the phone over to the kids and ask them to direct their own photoshoots or reflect on their time in lockdown too."

Ms Ekert said it is important not to forget the region is still drought-affected.

"We've just come through a terrible bushfire season and our farmers still have to get up every day on their properties and work and that hasn't changed," she said.

"These portraits can be a reminder of who we are as a town and a community and that we can still stay connected to each other through tough times.”

Photos can be uploaded and shared with the official hashtags for the event #myisofamily #tamworthtrue and #caremongering.


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