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Top 10 Dua Lipa Songs

This weekend on 92.9, we are bringing you the Top 10 songs from model, fashion designer and hit maker Dua Lipa!


Hotter Than Hell

Dua Lipa (2017)

This dramatic, full-throated banger finds Lipa telling a boy who hurt her to go to hell. She explained to Digital Spy: "I was in a relationship that really f--ked me over. In the song, I twisted it so that I was in the better position and I was the one going f--k you. That really helped me get over it. It was very therapeutic for me."

The toxic romance that inspired this track left Lipa questioning her self-worth. "I never want to portray weakness in my songs," she told Billboard magazine. "Even though sometimes sadness and vulnerability are really strong, I wanted to seem like I had the upper hand in the relationship. It was really therapeutic."


Scared To Be Lonely

We Are The People (2018)

Martin Garrix recruited London born singer Dua Lipa to provide the vocals for this club banger about a relationship where the honeymoon phase is over. Is it just our bodies? Are we both losing our minds? Is the only reason you're holding me tonight 'Cause we're scared to be lonely? The relationship seems to be falling apart, and Dua Lipa wonders if the couple are only staying together because they're afraid of being on their own.



Future Nostalgia (2020)

Dua Lipa wrote the song with frequent Katy Perry collaborator Sarah Hudson along with Jason Evigan (Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack," Maroon 5's "Girls Like You") and Clarence Coffee Jr. of The Monsters and The Strangerz production and songwriting team.

Jason Evigan and Stephen "Koz" Kozmeniuk's retro production resembles the club-ready synth-pop sound of the 1980s, which again ties in with Olivia Newton-John's tune.

Asked about the song by Billboard, Dua Lipa said: "It's very '80s inspired, it's quite Flashdance-y, it's fun, you can dance to it. It's definitely my craziest of high energy songs."


Break My Heart

Future Nostalgia (2020)

"Break My Heart" is an funky disco-pop song where Dua Lipa questions whether a new love will leave her nursing a broken heart again. I should've stayed at home 'Cause now there ain't no letting you go Am I falling in love with the one that could break my heart? Lipa is falling for her new beau so that hard that should they part, it would be a heartbreak that would never mend. She explained to Apple Music: "It's about finally being in a happy place and knowing this new person is amazing. But then thinking: 'Nothing else compares to this, and what if this ends and it breaks my heart?' It's the whole thing of being scared to be too happy."

Michael Hutchence and Andrew Farriss of the Australian band INXS are also credited as songwriters because the melody of "Break My Heart" is similar to their 1987 single "Need You Tonight." Dua Lipa admitted to Billboard's Pop Shop podcast the likenesses between the two tracks aren't intentional. "When we were in the studio, we didn't quite connect the dots. We were just like, 'Oh yeah, this is great!' We were on such a high and we were just working on it, and then I listened back, and I was like 'Hold on, guys…'"


Be The One

Dua Lipa (2015)

The second single from Dua Lipa's self-titled debut album finds her pleading to her lover to give her a second chance.

Oh baby, come on, let me get to know you

Just another chance so that I can show

That I won't let you down and run

No, I won't let you down and run

Lipa explained to Nylon magazine: "For me, 'Be The One' is about self-belief, perseverance, and fighting for what you want. In this instance, it's about a relationship, but really, this is an attitude I try to bring into everything in my life."



Future Nostalgia (2020)

Dua Lipa's songs are often upbeat musically, but with downbeat lyrics about romantic difficulties ("Don't Start Now," "Break My Heart"). However, "Levitating" is an all-round euphoric jam. "It's about having fun and meeting someone and falling in love and thinking, 'You've probably met me at the perfect time, let's just go for it," Dua Lipa explained to Apple Music. "It's the feeling when love makes you feel like you're levitating. It's otherworldly."

Dua Lipa wrote the song with Katy Perry and Camila Cabello collaborator Sarah Hudson, and with Clarence Coffee Jr. of The Monsters and The Strangerz production and songwriting team. The same people also penned her "Physical" single along with Jason Evigan.

The song clocks in at 103 BMP, the same heart-thumpin' rhythm as the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive." Dua Lipa told the BBC this was the track that helped shape the Future Nostalgia album and they got "so excited" in the studio that the recording session became a spontaneous party. "We ate so many doughnuts that we were literally levitating because we were so high on sugar," she said.

4. One Kiss

Single Only Release (2016)

This uptempo track finds Calvin Harris paying homage to '90s-style house music. The song features seductive vocals about the power of a kiss by Dua Lipa. Harris has been a fan of the British-Albanian songstress since she released "Be The One" in 2015. "I just want to make dance music again, it seemed like a good opportunity to make a house-sounding record with her," he said in an interview with Zane Lowe.

Dua Lipa is no stranger to successful collaborations, having scored UK Top 20 hits on "Scared To Be Lonely" with Martin Garrix and Sean Paul's "No Lie."


New Rules

Dua Lipa (2017)

Here, Dua Lipa sings about trying to move on from an ex. She explained to the BBC, "It's about keeping your distance from someone who's bad for you. I'm setting some rules down so [that I] won't go back to that person." Asked to clarify the rules, Lipa replied: "One: Don't pick up the phone, you know he's only calling 'cause he's drunk and alone. Two: Don't let him in, you'll have to kick him out again. Three: Don't be his friend, you're only going to wake up in his bed in the morning. And if you're under him, you ain't over him!"

The song's music video was filmed at Miami Beach's Confidante Hotel on Collins Avenue.

When this leapt from #5 to #1 on the UK singles chart dated August 20, 2017, Dua Lipa became the first female solo act to reach peak position in almost two years. Adele was the previous member of the fairer sex to achieve the feat when "Hello" claimed the top spot in October 2015.



Dua Lipa (2017)

Here, Dua Lipa sings about a boyfriend who was caught cheating on her. Asked by the BBC if it's a true story, she replied: "Yes and no. Bits of it are very true. It's about this person that, a long time after you've broken up, comes back to say 'hi' and you think to yourself, 'What gives him the right to call me now and see how I'm doing? Does he not realize the damage he's done?'"

You probably figured this out, but the song title stands for "I Don't Give a F--k."


Don't Start Now

Future Nostalgia (2020)

The song was released on October 31, 2019 as the lead single from Dua Lipa's second studio album. The adrenaline-fueled, dance floor anthem is a new sound for the singer. "I chose to put this song out first so I could close one chapter of my life and start another," she explained. "Into a new era with a new sound!"

The post-breakup motivational anthem nods lyrically to Gloria Gaynor's 1978 dance hit "I Will Survive." (Gaynor sings, "Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye?") There are also similarities in the sound: both songs use disco-inflected strings.

When the coronavirus forced most of the world into quarantine in 2020, memes emerged using this song's lyrics to echo recommendations from the CDC: Don't show up Don't come out The Future Nostalgia album was released on March 27, 2020, when the outbreak had taken hold, but the song was issued as a single before coronavirus was detected.


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