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Council redeploys staff to assist Meals on Wheels

Werris Creek resident Lyle Knight has just received his meal on wheels delivery from Lucas and Brodie, redeployed from Plains Fitness to assist Home Services. These visits provide contact for the vulnerable with the outside world and the opportunity to determine if they have further requirements.

Liverpool Plains Shire Council has redeployed staff to assist organisations in the region who provide essential services.

Council said it understands that many community volunteers who normally provide services such as Meals on Wheels are themselves in a more at-risk age bracket and have a duty of care to protect themselves.

So, it has deployed staff affected by closures to provide additional assistance for the Commonwealth Home Support Service Program and volunteer organisations that support the vulnerable in the Shire community.

LPSC is developing a Register of vulnerable people, who and where they are and their requirements.

Council is encouraging people who are aware of family, friends and neighbours in this position to provide that information to Council, via email or by calling 6746 1755.


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