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Council to vote on stimulus measures at Extraordinary Meeting

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Council will vote on stimulus measures at an Extraordinary Meeting this Monday as the city deals with the fallout of coronavirus. Tamworth Mayor Col Murray said it would be held on Monday at 12pm, and encouraged the community to send in messages and questions before then and jump on the livestream to watch it unfold. Cr Murray said it would be one single agenda item to deal with stimulus proposals to help businesses and residents.

“Council does not have the authority waive rates and the package focuses on the areas where it can have an immediate impact, which is to support local businesses - because this is the most direct way we can support the local economy,” he said.

“If we do what we can to help businesses continue to trade, they can continue to employ people.”

One proposal is that there would be no new debt recovery action for overdue rates and charges during the COVID-19 crisis and that a zero per cent interest rate will apply to any new late rates from March 31 and will be reviewed every three months.

The business paper for the meeting has now been published and can be found at

Cr Murray said it will also be proposed to turn off parking meters in the CBD, so residents who are still attending work have one less thing to worry about. In an attempt to keep business thriving where possible, a temporary blanket exemption from any delivery curfews was imposed for supermarkets and shops of essential household items across the Tamworth region. This took effect on March 17 and will continue until further notice.


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