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COVID-19: Local MP Kevin Anderson in isolation and Ag Minister Adam Marshall confirmed case

As the Sydney COVID-19 cluster rises to 36 cases, with 11 new cases announced today, we are reminded of just how quickly things can get out of hand. Even out here in the regions.

NSW Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday and is currently isolating in Sydney. This comes after he was notified by health authorities of a possible exposure after dining at a restaurant in Paddington in Sydney on Monday.

Adam Marshall was tested twice on Wednesday for the virus and was notified of his case just after 8am on Thursday morning. He told ABC New England Northwest he felt “physically fine” but was “a bit shocked” by the news.

Concerns are held for members of a party room meeting held with Coalition MPs on Tuesday prior to the budget, where Minister Marshall was present whilst potentially infectious.

Local Member for Tamworth and Minister for Better Regulation, Kevin Anderson, also met with Adam Marshall on Tuesday at an event in Sydney, causing him to immediately self-isolate upon the knowledge of his positive test result.

Mr Anderson was at a regional housing forum in Tamworth when he left to go be tested for coronavirus on Thursday morning upon the news of Mr Marshall.

A spokesman said he is not considered a close contact of Mr Marshall by health authorities.

Minister Marshall sent a statement thanking people for their well wishes, as well as the “wonderful NSW health staff” who he said continue to do an amazing job.

“Take care everyone” he said.

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