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Crews battle early morning house fire

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

There was little sleep for the city's firefighters as a house burst into flames.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, three crews were called out to a house fire in Sue Crescent, West Tamworth.

Station officer Royce Beck said upon arrival at 1:10 am firefighters found the house fully alight with flames coming out of the roof and windows.

"The crews immediately got to work with one crew doing direct firefighting inside the home while another crew conducted a search and rescue," he said.

"No one was in the home.

"Police evacuated one home next to the house as the winds were really strong."

Due to the house being boarded up the fire had been burning for some time internally before anyone noticed the fire, and the structure has sustained a huge amount of damage from the fire.

FRSNW Inspector Glenn Willsallen said crews did a fantastic job in getting the fire under control and protecting other homes in the street.

Inspector Willsallen said the scene was handed over to the police for further investigations by 2.30am.


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