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Driver's license suspended for 'speeding on back road'

Picture: Traffic and Highway Patrol Command - NSW Police Force

A father was allegedly caught speeding at 140 kilometres per hour down the highway.

About 9:30am on Wednesday, Moree Highway Patrol officers were conducting patrols of the Gwydir Highway at Inverell when they observed a red Ford Falcon heading west.

According to police, the vehicle was travelling at such a high speed that when the driver negotiated a sharp bend in the road, he was on the incorrect side of the road.

"Had the highway patrol vehicle or another vehicle been closer to that bend, a head-on collision would have occurred," Traffic and Highway Patrol Command said.

"Police estimated that the vehicle was travelling in excess of 140km\h with a check of the vehicles speed at 149km/h.

"The vehicle was stopped with a 53-year-old man occupying the driver's seat who produced a NSW P1 licence which restricts his speed to 90km/h."


Police said the driver had his son in the passenger seat, and when asked why he was going so fast, allegedly replied 'I was showing my son how fast it could go on some back, country roads.

"When asked how fast he was going, he said, 'I saw you and looked down and I was doing 140 at least'," Traffic and Highway Patrol Command said.

Police inspected the vehicle and major defect notice was issued with the vehicle grounded in Inverell.

The 53-year-old was issued with a notice to attend Inverell Local Court in March 2020 for driving in a manner dangerous to the public and exceeding the speed limit by more than 30km/h.

His licence was suspended and he was issued with a number of infringement notices relating to an unsecured load in the rear tray of the utility, defective seat belts, and oil/fluid leaks.

This is a reminder that Traffic and Highway Patrol Police will patrol “back” roads other than the major highways in order to detect offences and reduce the road toll.

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