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Emergency services rescue men, five greyhounds

Emergency services rescued men and dogs from a submerged car in a multi-agency effort.

Tamworth rescue paramedics recently responded to a car that had been washed off a causeway with two males and five racing greyhounds on board.

The multi-agency response included rescue Paramedics Callum Dickson, Paul McRae and Nicole Beecroft as well as the SES, the RFS, police and the VRA.

Crews established their strategy and executed their plan to gain access to the vehicle.

Crews secured a fire appliance on the weir to assist gaining access and used a ladder to access the trailer with the dogs inside.


Two of the paramedics gained access to the vehicle and secured it back to the fire appliance to prevent it from being washed away as they were negotiating the rescue.

Both men were given life jackets and then the focus was on rescuing the five greyhounds.

There were fears that the dogs in the trailer had drowned as it had been submerged for some time.

Paramedics were surprised to find the three dogs in the back alive but very scared.

Lots of patting and animal love saw them rescued as well.

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