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Festival Fringe to expand the lineup of evening entertainment this TCMF[0]=68.ARDdMd4cyrrXKvmxPmAtLZqFSbKByf-mT3yA4ZMO8-V-wUdDfdgfHJoHlRYiztDuLneEFmj-ilQb1FIIh3ZQKVMbQ4LCIEsN5Q66kzQZv-hU5wpDhCYrDZwOeoJ4Ayz7Is3HguaMeane0Oc6KtH0-CQn467flSaQiqLSJWablhMXQfSKwFMxVa2dhrWY2_3o7cUUiBsYfox6dogrG-nI46-TXg6YU1DI9UhpML6ETQ3FMXvhRcnRYvChvbx4jqbzxUiRMC8dDt2mIsCrMZRtZUMD1HSop4vL528_NCcANM4lKN5N89fn9rIc6l5lr4El9txU3WM5EjqNKsc_z_BRP8ZFYe33Zz6tmawywnYF-XRHim7GQGGpziocmFqSXxKDXhp3YxweIFv6NrlYuZjaQ-WozKOD9P-n1Yajh1XyjYieOueB-2Ei1rwuFLK-o7Mj8yX5OHbZtrqiKzB3BomKTF2YRCYxQi4k045Grdo7U5ihY4mPOv1SYgg_
Picture: Bendy Em

Even when the day comes to an end, the fun won't stop with Fitzroy plaza set to transform during the city's biggest event.

The introduction of a brand-new Festival Fringe program will expand the evening entertainment this TCMF, with bright and colourful performers set to fill the Kable Avenue and Fitzroy Street intersection well into the night.

Held each night from January 17 to 26, Festival Fringe is set to feature an array of juggling, balancing, bending, dancing and tossing performances; and festival-goers of all ages are encouraged to stop by and enjoy the shows.

Event coordinator, Michaela Stevens said the lineup will create a night-time scene that is of a similar style to the much-loved busking and street performances.

“The new Festival Fringe program has been introduced to create the bright and bustling atmosphere that we find fills the CBD during the day, into the night," she said.

“Be it on your way to a concert in Toyota Park, as you’re wandering between venues, or even on your way home from a show; if you’re looking for something a little different we encourage you to stop by Festival Fringe for what we guarantee will be a great show every night.”

“If you’re looking to get out and about in the cool of the night during TCMF, Festival Fringe is certainly a spot to visit"


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