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Fiesta La Peel falls to COVID, the Country Music Festival to go ahead in all circumstances

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Tamworth Regional Council has announced the cancellation of Fiesta La Peel and the Young Drivers Expo due to coronavirus restrictions.

The Young Drivers expo was originally scheduled for August and Fiesta La Peel for October.

Tamworth Mayor Col Murray said, "There is no circumstance that would push the council to cancel the Tamworth Music Festival and a number of contingency plans are in place depending on the circumstances in January and advice from health leaders".

Cnr Murray appealed to residents to remain vigilant of social distancing and hygiene measures so Tamworth does not become the next regional hotspot.

Superintendent Kylie Endemi, Commander of Oxley Police District said whilst no infringements have been handed out recently, police will be out inspecting venues and retail outlets as well as house calls for people who have arrived from Victoria.


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