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Floods and Rain Can Lead to Grass Fires

The RFS had their inaugural forum yesterday with members from all over the North England West meeting up and a chance to discuss proactive measures after the devastating 19/20 Bushfire Season.

In the recent catastrophic flooding in Northern NSW, many members are assisting the victims or struck down with COVID.

Despite the lower numbers, the turnout and event were a success for the forum, which focused on the theme of "Together we achieve more" to encourage and create collaborations both within and across Bushfire Management Committees in the North-Western parts of NSW.

"The planning never stops"

Deputy Commissioner Kyle Stewart said while they are discussing and initiating preventative plans for the next bushfire season, the floods and mass rain aren't a time to relax and think fire can't still be a danger,

"The grass growth at this intense rate can lead to grassfires... things settle down and it won't take very long, only a matter of weeks and you can see fire activity." Mr Stewart said.

Different approaches and initiatives are being discussed and led amongst the RFS; goats have been used for grazing in danger posed areas.

The Goats graze, then their faeces become fertiliser, which helps reduce the number of grown weeds. Trials were first introduced in 2021 in NSW and successful in the Tamworth region.


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