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'Full steam ahead' for Tamworth Country Music Festival

A head organiser of the Tamworth Country Music Festival has dispelled false rumours claiming the festival will not be going ahead this year.

Barry Harley said the event is crucial for Tamworth, particularly in supporting the local businesses.

He added that for those who live outside the region it could be confusing watching the coverage of the bushfires, but the iconic festival is going ahead.

"From our point of view, because of the uniqueness of our festival - because it is not just one event at one place it is the whole city - clearly it is on, and it is full steam ahead," Mr Harly said.

"Everyone is ready to welcome as many people as we can to give them a respite."

Mr Harly said events boosts regional cities, particularly during a drought, as it provided a cash injection to local businesses.

"In Tamworth's case, it is fair to say the 10-day festival is worth up to two months of normal trading," he added.

"It is also super crucial from a country music perspective because this is where the country music years begins and ends.

"It gives young kids and emerging talents to perform."

Mr Harley said since about July, preparations ramp up to pull the event together.

He added that the festival is on, and it will be a great 10 days.


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