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Giving Gunnedah's pets a second chance

More of Gunnedah’s pets will soon have a second chance at a happy home with the NSW Government providing more than $1 million to help fund the replacement of Gunnedah Shire Council’s current Animal Impound Facility.

The new impound facility will house double the number of dogs and triple the number of cats currently available.

With the end of the festive season and the easing of Covid restrictions, there has been an influx of unwanted dogs and cats as the excitement of a new pet can become too much of a responsibility for some.

“These animals deserve a second shot at a happy home which is why it’s great news that the NSW National’s Stronger Country Communities Fund has delivered more than $1 million to make this facility possible," said Tamworth MP Kevin Anderson.

“The new facility will meet the rising demand of a growing town while providing comfortable accommodation for the animals and modern office space for the staff who keep the facility running.”

The proposed new building will have the ability to support up to 20 dogs and 25 cats with temporary housing also available, doubling the current capacity for dogs and tripling for cats.

Key features of the design include a separate cattery and kennels, staff office space and customer reception areas, with facility rooms that incorporate temporary dog pens, a vet room, laundry, food preparation room, storage amenities, garage, rehoming animal orientation space and grassed free range exercise area.

Gunnedah Shire Council are also contributing $487,706 to ensure the facility is delivered.

Gunnedah Shire Mayor Jamie Chaffey said it was fantastic news that Council could start the ball rolling on the much-anticipated project.

“This is great news for our Regulatory Services staff and the animals they take into care,” he said.

“The new facility will have the capacity to house double the number of dogs and triple the number of cats.

“The dogs will have room to run in the exercise area, and cats will have peace and quiet in the separate cattery.”


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