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Grant 'putts in' new era for Armidale Golf Club

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Armidale Golf Club members Andrew Williams, left, Treasurer Hugh Fraser and Ryan Kelso with Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall, who announced another $196, 543 grant for the club today.

A new 18-hole mini-golf course is set to open in the late half of this year thanks to a funding boost.

Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall announced a $196,543 grant to continue refurbishing the clubhouse facilities and install a putt-putt course. The club's treasurer Hugh Fraser said developing the various golfing experiences the facility offers will improve its long-term financial viability. “Armidale Golf Club has undergone a significant transformation which we are proud of, with the refurbishment of our kitchen and dining room and construction of a new deck,” Mr Fraser said. “Since Stage 1 improvements were undertaken, we have seen a considerable increase in the number of birthday parties and events happening at the club. “To ensure the building can handle this increase in patrons, we will replace the internal plumbing which is around 50 years old." Mr Fraser said the club has great facilities, but as a club, they need to do more to attract new players and members to enjoy them. “I see installing a mini-golf course as a way of increasing the venues appeal to the wider community, with kids able to take the course while their parents finish a round of golf and then stay on and have a meal," he said.

“It is my hope we have most of these works finished by Christmas 2020, so players can make the most of the extra daylight to play a round of golf, either big or small. “I want to again thank Adam for his support of our club and our efforts to try and secure its future.” Mr Marshall said the addition of a putt-putt course would provide opportunities for the club to attract new families, developing an important third revenue stream. “Over the last three years the board of the Armidale Golf Club has worked to modernise the facility, making it more attractive as a venue for community events and for patrons to have a meal,” he said. “This grant will continue that refurbishment process with new internal wooden doors and windows to be installed, replacing the existing outdated aluminium fittings. “To match the club’s impressive 18-hole golf course, 18-holes of mini-golf are going to be built on the grounds, creating an avenue to attract people who might not normally visit the club.”


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