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Historical sites are recognised across the region

A town famously known for its country music has more than just the start of many successful careers in the music industry.

The New South Wales Tamworth region has a rich history that gets celebrated annually with a showcase of events from a Cemetery walk to the Nundle Woollen mill, one of the last spinning mills still operating in Australia.

Over 540 historically significant buildings and places can be found, from Calala Cottage museum, a home designed and built by Tamworth's first mayor, Philip Gidley King, to the PowerStation museum.

As an essential part of Tamworth history and Australian history, Tamworth was the first city to be lit by municipal electric street lighting in 1888.

Each year the Tamworth Regional Heritage Awards recognise those who make a significant contribution to the preservation, sharing and promotion of the region's heritage.

Located at the Pavillion Function, Nemingha nominees were awarded for their works on keeping the region's historical heritage alive and flourishing.

Leanne Summers, the owner of Bendemeer Hotel, has spent the last fourteen months renovating the beautiful hotel for patrons to enjoy the surroundings and won the Heritage Tourism, Education and Interpretation Award,

"With our seventeen local staff, we've all worked so hard during the pandemic… it's just a great thrill today to win the award and it's certainly inspiring to keep moving forward," said Ms Summers.

The Tamworth Regional Council is currently looking for volunteers to work within the historical society and encourage anyone with interest in the history of the region to apply.


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