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Homelessness week shines a light on the need for investment in regional housing

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

New heat maps released for Homelessness Week (2-8 August) are shining a spotlight on the significant lack of social housing throughout our region. Across the federal electorate of New England, it's estimated there are 700 people homeless on any given night with a social housing shortfall of around 3,600 properties. A spokesperson for Everybody's Home, Kate Colvin, is calling for urgent investment to help fix the crisis with regional areas among the most affected.

"We only have about 45% of the social housing needs in regional and rural Australia, so we need the government to be investing in social housing to create jobs and also to solve homelessness," said Ms Colvin.

Even before COVID-19, almost 120,000 people were homelessness in Australia every night.

A parliamentary inquiry into homelessness will continue next Friday 7th August after several hearings throughout July.


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