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“It’s Heartbreaking”: Donated Goods for Local Farmers Stolen

Co-Founder of Doing it for Our Farmers Giving a Hand Up, Sue-Ellen Wilkin arrived at the charity’s headquarters today to discover that donated goods set to be delivered to struggling farming families had been stolen.

“We came in today to see if we could help some more famers and we found that some of our donations have been taken without our knowledge.” Mrs Wilkin said.

“Doing it for our farmers is completely voluntary, we don’t ask for anything but goods for our farmers and they have been taken.”

Unfortunately due to the nature of the volunteer’s availabilities the drought relief charity has to advertise when they are open for people to drop in donations for local farmers.

That information has been exploited by thieves who broke into the Taminda premises and helped themselves to the donated food and water.

“Its very sad because these people have donated these goods and they’re doing it tough themselves.” Mrs Wilkin said.

“It’s even worse for us who just come in here, we give up all of our time and to wonder around and see that this is missing and that’s missing, it’s just heartbreaking.”

Despite today’s setback Sue-Ellen and her team of volunteers are as determined as ever to be there for our struggling farmers until this drought breaks.

“We’re still open.”

“We’re still going to go until this drought breaks, we’re not going to give up.

“We will find ways to get help out there.

“It’s getting the worse, the droughts getting worse and we wont give up.”

For information on how to donate goods to Doing for Our Farmers, Giving a Hand Up visit:


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