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Top Ten of the best Nickelback songs of all time

Until we can countdown community events again , let us accompany your weekend from 8-9am on Saturday for the Top Ten of the best Nickelback songs!

10. When We Stand Together

(Here and Now, 2011)

This song comes from from their Here and Now album from 2011 which had 4 charting singles that did relatively well. When We Stand Together made it to #20 in the ARIA charts. In terms of the music video for this song, Nickelback wanted it to look like they were performing in the Serengeti , so director Justin Francis (who also directed Weezer, Kelly Clarkson) brought the band to a field 30 miles outside of Los Angeles and digitally erased the city from the background in the wide shots!

9. Someday

(The Long Road, 2003)

Chad Kroeger sings about a failed relationship in their lead single from The Long Road. In fact, 2003 was the year Someday reached number one in their native home Canada, making it to #7 in the US, #6 in the UK and #4 in Australia. The Long Road album was extremely successful, and in the year 2003, it was only the album to have sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

8. This Afternoon

(Dark Horse, 2008)

While the album Dark Horse was released in 2008, "This Afternoon", was released as a single in March, 2010. This song had a country twist to it and broadened their listener base to the lovers of country. In fact Chad Kroeger explains that the song was about his own experiences partying and having a good time living with his roommates. He also says, "It's a good rock-and-roll version of [Garth Brooks'] 'Friends In Low Places.'

7. Gotta Be Somebody

(Dark Horse, 2008)

A returning theme for Nickelback in Gotta Be Somebody: the long search for that one perfect love. This song made it the fifth chart topper for Nickelback on the Adult Top 40 chart, giving the Canadian group more #1s than any other act in the history of this survey. Nickelback have had an incredible career at this stage but Chad Kroeger maintains that Nickelback will always be the dark horse--hence the title of the album.

6. Feelin' Way Too Damn Good

(The Long Road, 2003)

Feeling Way Too Damn Good is the band's last album with Ryan as drummer. The song was released in March 2004 as the third single from their 2003 album The Long Road. The music video for "Feelin' Way Too Damn Good" is the last known Nickelback music video in which Ryan is seen playing the drums. He was later replaced by former 3 Doors Down drummer Daniel Adair.

5. Lullaby

(Here and Now, 2011)

Lullaby Another country style song which was written in Nashville, including songwriters that have worked with Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton. This song actually has a bittersweet background to it--as it is based on an experience in Chad and Mike Kroeger's childhood when they found their babysitter crying her eyes out as her boyfriend had died in a motorcycle accident.

4. Savin' Me

(All the Right Reasons, 2005)

For Nickelback, this was one of those songs that took the longest to write. They spent six weeks on it before one day he just picked up the guitar and it just happened! The album has sold 12 million copies worldwide. The film clip to this song has a clever story to it about life, death and sacrifice--if you get the chance to watch it.

3. Far Away

(All the Right Reasons, 2005)

Far Away is Nickelback's first song about being in love. Despite having other songs, like "How You Remind Me" and "Because Of You" being ABOUT love; this song is about being IN love.

2. Photograph

(All the Right Reasons, 2005)

Photograph is one of the It is Nickelback's best-selling album to date, with seven singles were released from the album. The photograph that Kroeger is holding in the video is the one that inspired the song: It's a shot of him and their producer, Joey Moi, at a New Year's Eve party.

1. How You Remind Me

(Silver Side Up, 2001)

How You Remind Me is one of those special, once in a lifetime songs. Not only was it brought to the band the last week before recording the album, they finished in 10 minutes and it was released on September 11, 2001. Because of the events of 9/11, many listeners associated the song with remembrances of the tragedies of that day.

Also, that year their record label, Roadrunner Records thought Slipknot was going to be the commercial success of the year and instead it was Nickelback.

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Tig D
Tig D
Jun 11, 2021

I couldn't agree more with "How You Remind Me" being #1 but I'm surprised to see others agreeing. I always thought tracks like "Photograph" were wholly more beloved despite not resonating with me personally. "How You Remind Me" represents the most authentic sound of my teenage years, as a 15yr-old struggling to understand 9/11, the War on Terrorism, changing attitudes toward LGBTQ+ and BIPOC people (though those acronyms hadn't yet been coined). And of course, we all have our own personal reasons for loving the music of our formative years, those often being related to romance. This and "If Everyone Cared" remind me of my first girlfriend, who is still a friend and whom I'll always love in a special wa…

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