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KEO creates online pub to connect Tamworth community

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

One Tamworth business has created an online pub to help residents interact in a coronavirus world. Nic Hinwood, managing director of KEO, said they have been running Beer O'Clock since they opened. "It was an invitation for people to come and have a beer with at 4pm on a Friday and we can chat about client's issues," he said. "It was usually a great way to finish the week and ease into the weekend. "It is something we have always done physically." Mr Hinwood said they decided to create the online pub to help continue the sense of connection that Beer O'Clock was all about. But this unique pub is for anyone, and it's free. "We have set up the front bar, the back bar, the beer garden and the different area," Mr Hinwood said. "We tried to keep it as tech-simple as possible, so we have a video showing people how to connect. "It's the human interaction that we are all going to crave, and that we are already craving and this is just one thing that we can do." Mr Hinwood said people were not prepared for COVID-19 and how it would change their lives, so he and his staff are trying to find ways to help. It will almost feel like your favourite watering-hole as they will run games of bingo, Mr Hinwood added. To join in (and find a handy video of how it all works) click here.


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