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Leaked Report Reveals One-in-five Essential Energy Workers will Lose Their Job

Essential Energy is set to cut another 500 jobs, slashing one-in-five regional positions by 2024. An internal document has revealed the plans for deeper job cuts, adding to the 2,000 jobs that have been made redundant by the company in the last 7 years.

The cuts are also on top of the 182 jobs that Essential Energy has already announced will be cut from their workforce this year.

The NSW Government owned company operates the electricity poles and wires for 95 percent of the state and the Electoral Trades Union now fears for the level of service that can be provided moving forward.

“With one in every five workers facing the chop, there is no question that regional communities will be devastated and service delivery will be greatly impacted.” ETU Secretary Justin Page said.

“Essential Energy has already been cut to the bone, we’ve seen the workforce almost halved in recent years and dozens of depots shut, so to discover that hundreds more jobs are on the line is alarming,” Mr Page said.

Mr Page has called for immediate action by the NSW Government and the wider community to prevent the devastating cuts.

“We believe there are viable options available to Essential Energy that can avoid these cuts, but they will require a united effort from the company, workers, their unions, the broader community, and elected representatives if we are going to save these jobs.”


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