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Lights on tonight as green, red and gold trim adorn the community tree in Fitzroy plaza

Sanata steps out of his workshop for a quick photo with Acting Mayor Phil Betts

Holiday cheer is on display in Fitzroy Plaza as Acting Mayor Phil Betts is joined by a special guest before tonight’s tree lighting.

The community Christmas Tree is standing in all its glory shining in the sun and ushering in a jolly season.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, there will be no official event held however the community tree will light up for the first time around 8 pm this evening.

Acting Mayor Phil Betts said the money normally used for a community event has been redistributed to decorating Peel Street with extra lights.

"This time of year allows families to get together and rejoice," said Acting Mayor Betts," I hope this Christmas will bring some normality so everyone can get on with their lives."

Standing side by side next to the decorative Christmas Tree Mr Betts was joined by Santa himself who made a special appearance as he stepped out of the workshop for a short break.

Santa wasn't sure exactly how long it took the Elves to finish decorating Tamworth's Christmas tree however he said he knows lots of local children and adults in Tamworth are on the good list this year, even Acting Mayor Phil Betts.

"I can't imagine Mr Betts being on any other list," said Santa.

Santa said he's been very busy over the last few months making sure Christmas cheer will be spread right around the world.

"With COVID-19 we are trying to make it an extra special time of year so families can come together and rejoice, " Santa said.

If you haven't sent your letter to Santa, its time to get in quick because Christmas is only one month until Christmas Day.

Find out how to get your mail directly to the North Pole here.


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