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Mental health "common theme" at the first Youth Council meeting

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Representatives for Tamworth's Youth Council met for the first on Monday 27th July as 15 young people aged between 15 and 18 joined local government councillors to discuss issues and plan youth-led events for the region.

Tahlia Barwick a 16-year-old student in year ten at Calrossy Anglican School said she was pleased to be accepted into the youth council and wants to bring mental issues to the forefront of future event planning.

"By being in the council I really hope to strengthen connections between youth in Tamworth and their connections to everybody within the community," said Ms Barwick.

Despite the current challenges and restrictions of COVID-19 Ms Barwick said the drought is still the biggest concern for her family.

"I think COVID has been a challenge, however mostly for me its actually been the drought more than anything else, and having that weighing effect on my family and the people around us," said Ms Barwick.

Veronica Filby, Acting Team Leader Youth Services at Tamworth Regional Council said mental health was a common theme during the first meeting.

“While there was a range of ideas presented by the members, there was a common theme that young people are looking for more spaces and opportunities to connect with other and provide positive mental health activities,” said Mrs Filby.

The Youth Council will meet monthly for 12 months to create activities and events for young people in the region.

The Youth Council will have $30,000 remaining from a $48,000 grant under Round seven of the NSW Government Youth Opportunities Program to use for the events.


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