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New watering holes for Amridale's thirsty koalas

A welcome drink delivered to koalas at Tilbuster by Scot MacDonald, John Lemon,  Claire Chepel, Libby Martin, Simon Murray and Adam Marshall.  Picture: Supplied

THEY’RE not quite a pub but Armidale’s thirsty koalas now have several new watering holes to drink from with 10 water feeders now installed around Armidale.

The project was funded by a $11,000 state government grant, announced by Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall yesterday.

The drinking stations are located in an area between Mount Duvall and Rockvale Road and will be replenished by volunteers from Southern New England Landcare and the Armidale Tree Group.

Mr Marshall said the feeders are a lifeline for local koalas at risk of dying of thirst.

“First drought decimates their eucalypt supply then fire rips through their homes - of all the native species currently doing it tough our koala populations are really suffering,” he said.

“These waterers, which have been built by Warialda a manufacturer Turner’s Steele, each hold 200 litres and have been installed close to the ground for easy access by our furry friends.

“Armidale Regional Council identified appropriate locations for the waterers with the support of researchers David Carr and John Lemon, who have been monitoring the movements of local koala populations for four years."

Armidale's Mayor Simon Murray said he was pleased to partner with the NSW Government and local environmental groups to help protect our koalas.

“Koalas are suffering from dehydration and travelling far for water - this will help keep some of them in their own territory,” he said.

“Koalas are especially vulnerable to predators and being hit by vehicles when they walk significant distances in search of water and hopefully these feeders limit that risk.

“This fantastic announcement coincides with a koala tracking program to learn more about the locations and movements of our local koalas, so we can do more to assist the population.”


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