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'No more': Police operation targets domestic violence

Police regularly conduct checks on whether apprehended violence orders are being complied with.

When the phrase "tackling crime" is mentioned, what is likely to spring to minds is the issues of drugs, thefts and youth offenders.

But, for the Oxley Police District, one of its major issues is combatting domestic abuse and it will be the focus of a new operation this month.

Oxley Detective Acting Inspector Jason Darcy said officers are putting in several strategies and resources due to the high-risk nature of cases.

"We do bail compliance checks on our offenders," he explained.

"We identify our repeat offenders, and they've all got like a DV stamp which we then go and target, so they don't re-offend.

"We work with a lot of government and non-government agencies, to come up with strategies so we can reduce the amount of domestic violence that's occurring in this district."

Inspector Darcy said the region also has a dedicated team with staff who specialise in tackling domestic violence and abuse.

During March, officers will be focussing on the message of "zero tolerance" with a new campaign 'Operation No More'.

"We want to keep pushing that message," Inspector Darcy said.

"We will be ramping up an operation over March.

"We will be knocking on doors of repeat offenders, checking on bail, and in the face of domestic violence offenders."

Inspector Darcy said the police are there to help anyone who is facing a toxic situation.

"I encourage everyone who's maybe a victim of domestic violence to contact police," he said.

"Even if they want to get a bit of advice on a situation they've got. They need to realise they haven't done anything wrong, there's no justification for domestic violence, and there's no reason they should accept it for them or their children.

"Extended families need to contact police immediately, as I said we have zero tolerance."

If you or someone you know needs help please contact:

  • Rape Crisis Centre - 1800 424 017

  • Women's Refuge - 1800 073 388

  • Lifeline - 13 11 14

  • Mensline Australia - 1300 789 978


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