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NSW State Forest visitor areas closed as public health precaution

Picture: Visit NSW State Forests

Camping and picnic areas in NSW State forests are closed from midday Friday as a public health precaution.

Forestry Corporation’s Tourism and Partnerships manager, Louise Faulkner said this move followed the government direction.

“State forests are popular tourism destinations but unfortunately, right now with the COVID-19 situation, groups of people congregating and using shared facilities is not possible," she said.

“Visitor areas including camping areas, picnic areas and public toilets in state forests are closed until further notice.

“People currently in these areas are asked to move on and we ask anyone planning on heading to a state forest for camping and picnicking to change their plans.

This applies to all state forests in NSW including native forests and pine plantations. Walking tracks can still be accessed for exercise although it is important that people practice social distancing of 1.5m between individuals as per the public health advice.

“We understand this decision will be disappointing for those who love to use our state forests, especially over the Easter break," Ms Faulkner said.

"However this year it is simply not possible.

"The government’s advice is to avoid all unnecessary travel and so camping and picnicking in state forests is off the cards for the time being.


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