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Painted NRL boots bring social benefits to Indigenous youth

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

The NRL will celebrate Indigenous culture and highlight issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people this weekend in their Indigenous Round from Thursday 30th July- Sunday 2nd August.

The weekend will bring truth-telling to the front through this year's theme Pass Back Move Forward.

Australian society often places art and sport on opposing pedestals, with both industries battling for funding, attention and importance within our national consciousness.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities value art and physical prowess and excel within both industries on local, national and international stages.

Boots for a Brighter Future (BFBF) is an initiative bringing together art and sport, whilst providing opportunities and mentorship for Indigenous youth.

Jodie Watson is the Co-founder and director of Cultural Choice Association Inc. and helps bring the initiative to life year after year.

Ms Watson spoke with our journalist Toni Ambrogetti about how BFBF began and what it means for everyone involved.

The painted boots will be auctioned off and you can find out more information here.


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