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PETA receive backlash for comments on mice plague

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have been blasted for their “reprehensible” comments, urging farmers not to kill mice in the name of “human supremacy”.

The global animal rights organisation has pleaded with farmers to not kill the mice plaguing regional and rural communities around NSW. Their argument surrounds the idea of ‘speciesism’, a notion that PETA believes puts humans above any other animal; a notion which they strongly oppose.

The comments made have infuriated farmers and prompted the Deputy PM Michael McCormack to condemn the activists as “idiots who have never bene outside the city”.

Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall has slammed PETA, calling the comments “utter lunacy” and “out of touch with reality”.

“If they had their way, our farmers would simply roll over and let these mice, which are in plague proportions in a number of areas of the State, eat everything in the paddocks and their sheds.

“This would be devastating to our ag sector, our economy and the social fabric of our country communities.

“These dribblers need to spend some time out in the regions and see what our farmers are dealing with and have dealt with through the very worst nature could throw at them the last few years.

“While I am not surprised, they have come out on the side of these vermin, it just shows again how dangerous, malicious and out of touch with reality PETA is”, Mr. Marshall said.

The ongoing plague is on track to cause up to $100 million worth of damage and has contributed to the poor mental health of many residents in affected communities. Some farmers have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of crops, not to mention farming machinery and household items.

The NSW Government recently announced a $50 million support package, in addition to its workshops to educate farmers on the best eradication strategies, to offer the State’s rural communities assistance to battle the mice plague.

Whilst affected areas wait for the Government’s assistance to kick in, more and more damage is caused each day. Resident's continue to get creative with their own DIY mouse traps.


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