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Playgrounds closed around the region due to COVID-19

More than 100 parks will see their playgrounds closed off as Tamworth Regional Council enforces the latest measures. The moves are in line with the Federal Government's recommended controls to slow the spread of COVID-19. Effective from today, the play equipment at approximately 150 parks across the region will no longer available for use. TRC manager of sport and recreation Paul Kelly said the moves are aimed at reducing the risk of groups of more than 10 people coming together and to limit the spread of the virus through the use of equipment. "The clear message we have from health experts is that we should stay at home unless necessary but some residents are continuing to gather at our parks without following the recommended social distancing," he said. "We are not shutting down grass areas at this point." This includes Tamworth Regional Playground, the outdoor gym and splash pad at Bicentennial Park, Tamworth, closure of Tamworth Marsupial Park and closure of Tamworth Regional Skate Park at Tamworth's Viaduct Park. Barbecues at public parks will no longer be in use. Tamworth Regional Botanic Gardens will remain open. Sports and Recreation started erecting signage across the region late yesterday after the decision was made. Mr Kelly following the closure of gyms and other social areas, there has been a definite increase in the use of the equipment at council's parks. He said the situation is continuously changing, so there is no estimate of when this will be lifted.


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