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Police warn residents to look out for fraudulent Cavoodle puppy sales

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

File shot. Picture: Roberto Nickson

Police are warning residents to not be fooled by cute dog photos after multiple reports of fraudulent sales. Oxley Police said a number of people are reporting that after transferring money for the purchase of a Cavoodle puppy, but it never arrives or they are given a bogus address in Tamworth NSW for collection. In an online statement, police said the puppies are being listed for sale by persons using various website names such as The Cavoodle Land. "Be aware the websites appear to be displaying images of cavoodle type puppies which have inconsistent backgrounds, numerous different colours and ages of puppies and the websites are continually changing names," it read. Police are urging any persons considering purchasing a dog in this way, to make their own further checks as to the existence and validity of the puppy before parting with any money. If you have been subject of a fraud, you should report it to your local police station or to Crimestoppers 1800 333 000


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