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Premier announces schools to remain open in NSW

Schools in NSW will remain open, but parents will be encouraged to keep their children at home where possible.

The NSW Premier addressed media on Monday and said that she supported the measures announced last night after the National Cabinet meeting on Sunday.

"I am very pleased, that everything NSW wanted to adopt was supported by the national cabinets," Gladys Berijiklian said.

"We do recommend where possible people work from home."

The schools will remain open in NSW, but Ms Berijiklian said can keep your children at home, you should “for practical reasons”.

There will be a single unit of teaching for all teachers, and online teaching will be provided.

Ms Berijiklian said it is safe to send children to school, but 30 per cent of parents have already made the decision to keep their children at home.

But for parents who have no choice, the schools will remain open. There will be no special lessons though.

Following the decisions made by National Cabinet, Ms Berejiklian confirmed the shutdown to protect NSW citizens.

“I understand many in the community are worried, and these changes will affect everyday lives, and may be upsetting,” she said.

“But these decisions will make us all safer, they are taken with the health of all citizens in mind, and they must be taken now.

“If you have the capacity to work from home, you should do so.”

In line with health advice, from midday today, the following non-essential activities and businesses will be temporarily shut down:

  • Pubs, registered clubs

  • Gyms, indoor sporting venues

  • Cinemas, entertainment venues, casinos, and night clubs

  • Restaurants and cafes will be restricted to takeaway and/or home delivery

  • Religious gatherings, places of worship (excluding small weddings and funerals that comply with the 4m2 rule, which can proceed).

It is important to note essential gatherings at places such as hospitals, workplaces, constructions sites and for public transport are exempt and will continue.


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