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Cute and fuzzy mascots need immediate protection or risk extinction

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

A yearlong Senate inquiry into Koala populations released their final report on Tuesday 30th June and called on the state government to do more to protect our furry and fuzzy mascots.

Committee Chair and Greens MP Cate Faehrmann said the koala population near Gunnedah and the Liverpool plains is particularly at risk.

“The committee recommends that the government ensures the protection of the koala colony and habitat on the proposed Shenhua Water coal mine site before allowing any further development at the Shenhua Watermark. I heard enough evidence to suggest that the project is incompatible with the future existence of the local koala population," said Ms Faehrmann.

The Shenhua group received another extension on Tuesday 30th June, despite their development proposal already being extended by 5 years and their environmental plan suggesting the unproven method of transplanting any koala populations in the proposed mine site.

“Shenhua’s proposed translocation of the koala population is also an absurd idea which the method found to be unproven by the committee," said Ms Faehrmann.


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