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Q&A: What you can and can't do from June 1 in NSW

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

The Tamworth Visitor Information Centre will reopen on June 1.

As the number of new cases of coronavirus cases discovered NSW slows, the state government is moving to ease some restrictions on businesses and residents.

All of the new rules will apply to the Tamworth region, so what can and can't you do?

Police will still be penalising those who don't do the right thing, so make sure you know the rules.

Here is what you can do from June 1 in NSW.

Question: Can I travel around NSW for a holiday?

Answer: Yes. Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Deputy Premier John Barilaro said NSW citizens will be able to take trips across the state, as long as they maintain social distancing and good hygiene.

Mr Barilaro said while regional NSW will welcome visitors with open arms, holidaymakers should call their planned accommodation venues and attractions to ensure they will be open and confirm their bookings before travelling.

Question: Will museums, galleries and libraries open?

Museums, galleries and libraries across NSW will be allowed to reopen from June 1 under an easing of restrictions announced by the NSW Government.

Answer: NSW Health will provide guidance to ensure the museums, galleries and libraries operate in a COVID-19 safe way, including:

  • exclusion of staff and visitors who are unwell

  • limiting the number of guests to allow for 4 square metres per person

  • providing distance markers for people queuing at service points

  • ensuring adequate handwashing facilities and/or sanitiser

  • online ticketing systems for museums and galleries

  • no groups and tours

  • enhanced cleaning

  • 24-hour quarantine of returns for libraries.

Ø All libraries in the Tamworth Region will resume their usual operating hours. This includes the library services provided at the Manilla, Barraba and Nundle offices. At Tamworth Region Libraries only members of the community who are ‘high-risk’ including people aged over 70 will be allowed to enter. All other library users will be admitted after 11am.

Question: How many people can attend a pub, club cafe or restaurant?

Answer: The NSW Government will allow pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants to have up to 50 customers, subject to a one-person per four square metre rule, and with strict social distancing guidelines.

Rules include:

  • Group bookings above 10 people will not be permitted

  • Buffets are no longer

  • Disposable menus or laminated menus (that can be disinfected) must be used

  • Shared condiments and self-serve cutlery will not be available

  • Tables and furtnitries to be disinfected between customers

  • Group singing to live music is also banned.

It is recommended that potential patrons book ahead of time.

Question: Can I go to beauty salons?

Answer: Yes, but strict measures will be put in place including:

  • One person per 4 square metres including both staff and clients, up to a maximum of 10 clients at any one time

  • Exclusion of staff and clients who are unwell, even if they have only mild symptoms

  • Records of attendance on the business premises for all staff, clients and contractors

  • Cleaning requirements

  • Removal of books, magazines and iPads from waiting areas to reduce the potential for infection of clients

  • Seating in waiting areas that complies with physical distancing

  • Ensure good hand hygiene facilities are available, including at venue entry and exit, and promote excellent hand hygiene by staff

  • Clearly displayed conditions of entry on their entrance, website and social media platforms

  • Designating a staff member whose responsibilities include ensuring staff and clients have appropriate physical distancing and that the venue does not exceed the maximum capacity limit and

  • Measures to maximise distancing between staff where safe and practical, including assigning staff to specific work stations that are at least 1.5 metres apart and minimising any interaction between these stations

  • Encourage download of the COVID-safe app.

Question: How many people can I have at my wedding?

Answer: Weddings can have up to 20 people attend.

Question: How many people can attend a funeral?

Answer: Up to 50 people can attend a funeral.

Question: How many people can attend a place of worship?

Answer: Religious gatherings and places of worship can have up to 50 people. Places of worship will be asked to find alternatives to practices that might spread the virus such as group singing, sharing books and even passing around the collection plate to reduce infection risks.

Question: How many people can visit my home?

Answer: Five. Remember to maintain physical distancing.

Question: Do the five visitors include children?

Answer: Yes, it is five visitors in total, including children.

Question: Can I have 10 people visit my home if we are outside?

Answer: No. An outdoor gathering means a gathering in a park or public place.

Question: Is there a limit to how many visitors I have in a day?

Answer: There is no daily limit so long as you don't have more than five visitors at one time. However, if you are over 70 or have a pre-existing medical condition, you should limit the number of visitors.

Question: Do the visitors need to be from the same household?

Answer: No.

Question: Can I train outdoors with up to 10 people?

Answer: Yes, but 10 people includes the trainer and trainees. Remember to maintain physical distancing.

Question: Can I have a picnic?

Answer: Yes, so long as it is with up to 10 people in total, including children.


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