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Ratepayers: expect new rates notices in the mail

A total of 28,676 Tamworth Regional Council rates notices – 48 more than last year - will begin landing in people's mailboxes next week.

Residential ratepayers can expect to see the new figures at an increase of $1.20 and $1.88 a week, or between $48 and $98 for the year.

Council’s total income from rates and charges for 2021 - 2022 is $78.257 million and is part of a budget with a total spend of $251 million.

Tamworth Regional Mayor Col Murray is pleased to have a surplus of almost $150,000, which he puts down to "the decisions made by the Council in recent years to build our financial resilience".

“It is our biggest ever budget with a total spend of $251 million due largely to the $106.4 million capital works program to improve local facilities and infrastructure,” said Mr Murray.

The rates rise for 2021-2022 was applied after Council adopted the 2 per cent rate cap increase to the General Rate income asset by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) for all NSW councils.

Water, sewerage and trade waste services are set to go up by 2.0 per cent and waste management charges by 10.0 per cent. Residential and business ratepayers will pay $18 more for sewer availability, $6 more for water and up to $32 more for waste collection for the year.

$2,825 is the annual rates bill figure (including water, sewer and waste services) for the average Tamworth resident.

Barraba can expect to see the average residential ratepayer receiving an annual total bill of $2,108, which is about $72 more than last year.

The annual total rates bill for a Manilla resident will be an average of $2,100, which is about $69 more than last year.

The total annual rates bill for the average Village residential ratepayer will be $2,077 which is about $70 more than last year’s total rates bill.

A total of $22.575 million will be generated in General Rate income. Barraba make up $377,989 of that, Manilla $582,196, Kootingal $437,764 and the other villages in the region $233,751.

Businesses and farmland rates combined will deliver around $12.764 million.

To seek more information on rates, call Council on 1300733625.


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