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Ready for a splashing good time? Tamworth Olympic Pool set to open 14th December

Tamworth Olympic Pool filling up after staying empty for 18 months during the drought

Tamworth Olympic Pool is set to open from the 14th of December if the water treatment occurring over the next week goes smoothly.

Contrary to social media speculation the pool is being filled by 7 hoses plus a major fill point from the plant room according to Paul Kelly, Manager of Sports and Recreation with Tamworth Regional Council.

"There are 1.3 million litres of water going in there and we should have it filled in the next four to five days," Mr Kelly said, "It should then take a week or so to get the water chemistry sorted."

The pool is being filled with potable water not bore water like what is being used at Scully Park.

Mr Kelly said due to the drought, and the pools need to be filled with potable water, that's one of the main reasons the pool has remained closed over the last 18 months.

"We were able to conserve water for the benefit the community by not filling the pool," Mr Kelly said.

Reminders of the drought linger on the fence

Plentiful rain throughout September and October gave Chaffey Dam the push we've all been waiting for and the capacity reached 30% by the end of October.

Despite Tamworth Regional Council teasing the pool would open when Chaffey Dam reached 30%, a series of structural faults discovered in early September brought the splashing good times to a grinding halt.

Mr Kelly said the Council was ready and waiting to open the dam however their advice on the safety of the pool changed at the last minute.

"We had an inspection earlier in the year by a reputable structural engineering company who produced a report that told us we had 3 to 5 years worth of life left in the pool," Mr Kelly said, "However between January and September things had worsened dramatically."

The Council then had the pool re-inspected as a safety precaution and the new report said the cracks had increased and it would not be safe to operate the pool.

Mr Kelly said the repairs have gone 'perfectly' and the Council is excited to welcome residents back in the next week or so.

COVID-Safe measures will be in place and opening times will match those of Scully Park.


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