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Region's iconic helicopter rescued from dam

Rescue operation underway. Picture: Bega Valley Shire Council

The region's beloved, pink water-bombing helicopter that ditched into Ben Boyd Dam during last week's bushfire emergency has been recovered.

The iconic brightly-coloured helicopter forms part of the Armidale Fleet Helicopters' unit.

With the help of navy divers, the chopper named 'Lucy' was floated from its resting place to the dam's boat ramp where it was dragged ashore by the army.

HAZMAT measures remain in place at the site.

The chopper's pilot managed to swim to safety shortly after ditching his aircraft and was assessed by a medical professional.

Bega Valley Shire Council said while there does not appear to be any damage to the helicopter's fuel tanks, council will conduct testing before allowing water from the dam to be accessed.

Eden's water is currently being supplied by the Kiah Bore Field. The Boil Water Alert for the Eden - Kiah area remains in place.

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