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Solve the mystery: Inspiration behind Tamworth's escape rooms

Jody Stevens in the 'Quest for the Throne' escape room.

A killer on the loose, a traitorous prince, zombies taking over and escaping a fantasy land - could you solve the mystery?

Jody Stevens, the owner of Escape Rooms Tamworth, loves all things that tease the brain and so it made sense for her to open a business that fit right into that.

"It's been six months in planning everything, and it has finally come to fruition," she said.

"We have four rooms here, and I have spent lots of time editing the audio and making sure the lighting fits the room."

Mrs Stevens said she has loved watching people tackle the rooms and see their different quirks emerge as the pressure mounts.

Escape the Murder Scene

Mrs Stevens said it is very timely to have a killer-themed room due to the fascination with podcasts and TV shows based on serial killers.

She added that by making it a live game, true crime enthusiasts could solve the mystery themselves

"As a group of experienced detectives, you decide to investigate a series of murders, but the local police department is not happy that you are on their turf," Mrs Stevens said.

"You have 60 minutes to gather as much information as you can and solve who is responsible for these crimes."

While the murder scene is not a new concept in escape rooms, Mrs Stevens said she has made sure the Tamworth version is something different.

Zombie Apocalypse

Mrs Stevens said the horror-themed room has a big thrill factor that places a lot of emphasis on using all senses due to the lighting and sound effects.

"You enter the room blindfolded, and there are a few crazy props," she said.

"So a scientist invented the longevity serum that was available for every human being who wanted to avoid death, but the unexpected side effects of the formula were turning everyone who drank it into a zombie.

"Every citizen who can make it is evacuated to shelters. Your plane leaves in an hour, but are you able to survive that long and reach the plane on time?"

Down the Rabbit Hole

Mrs Stevens said the Alice in Wonderland inspired room had been her baby.

"I wanted to make a family-friendly one where the children could get involved," she said.

"Even a lot of adults still really love Alice in Wonderland with plenty of references such as the rabbit is late.

"They have to follow the clues and riddles to see where they lead, but you mustn't be late, hurry hurry, you have 60 minutes to return to reality."

Quest for the Throne

Mrs Stevens said this one is unique to Australia and is filled with brain-teasers to test even the most hardcore escape room fan.

"You are the eldest sibling born into the royal family and although it was your right to inherit the throne, your evil brother and corrupt castle guards left you exiled from the kingdom," she said.

"With the kingdom run into ruin despair, you decide to risk your life to set things right.

"Disguised as a pauper, you've managed to make it back to the castle undetected. In the next sixty minutes, you need to find proof of your birthright and escape undetected before the castle guards return."


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