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State forest fire ban for campers

Campfires and BBQ’s using wood, charcoal or other solid fuels are banned from 1 October in, Inverell, Gunnedah and Pilliga State Forests to reduce the risk of bushfires.

The complete solid fuel fire ban comes as the regions forest are full with fuel after “exceptional” winter rains.

Forestry Corporation of NSW’s Northern Cypress District Manager, Conan Rossler said campers and visitors can continue to bring and use gas stoves during the ban, except during declared total fire bans.

“We have had exceptional rains across the landscape this year and as a consequence fine fuel loads are very high,” Mr Rossler said.

“Visitors to State forests need to be aware that even though the weather is still cool, the forests will soon be vulnerable to escaped campfires.”

“This ban applies every day until it is officially lifted, not just on days when total fire bans are declared, so we are asking people who are planning to camp in the forests to plan ahead and bring gas appliances.”

Information on total fire bans is available on the Rural Fire Service website

Solid fuel fire bans have been in place intermittently in State forests since 1990 to reduce the risk of bushfires.

“While we encourage people to get out into our forests and enjoy them, we need to reduce the bushfire risk during the high fire danger period.

“Solid fuel fire bans improve safety for campers and local communities and have potentially helped save many thousands of hectares of forests from destructive fires since 1990.”

Failure to comply with the solid fuel fire ban carries a maximum penalty of $2200.

For more information about Forestry Corporation of NSW, visit

In the event of a fire or other emergency, contact 000.


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