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Stolen car crashes leaving South Tamworth without power overnight, driver on the run

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

A late-night police chase in South Tamworth ends with the car flipped and driver on the run.

At around 10.30 pm Thursday 13 August a white Toyota Camry was reportedly stolen from the driveway of a home on Willis Street, South Tamworth.

Police attended and commence patrolling the area, searching for the car in the streets surrounding the home.

When officers sighted the car in Kent Street it failed to stop and a chase began until the police decided it was not safe to proceed.

Just before midnight locals called the police after loud crashing noises were heard by residents living in Robert Street.

Police were told the Toyota was travelling east on Robert Street when it lost control and crashed into the roundabout at Woodward Avenue, before colliding with a power pole, rolling and coming to rest upside-down on a fence.

The male driver was reportedly seen getting out and running from the scene.

Residents of the local area said power was out for several hours overnight but has now been restored.

Investigations continue.


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