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Tamworth community benefits from the Sikh tradition ‘Langar’

Langar is the Sikh tradition of serving free meals and local Tamworth charity Guru Nanak Mission is plating up. The Guru Nanak Mission is a group of volunteers from the Indian community in Tamworth who believe that by sharing food “we experience equality”.

Prabhjot Singh, volunteer and secretary of the group, said they formed in 2019 with an urge to do something of “love and goodwill”.

“We wanted to come together, to do something for society”.

The free food service begun earlier this year and operates every second Sunday of the month. The group set up their stall at Bicentennial Park and Robert Street Petrol Station and offer fresh organic vegetarian meals “made with love” and the highest level of food preparation hygiene standards.

The food is for everyone and anyone, the purpose is to serve humanity by sharing food.

“Everyone is equal, regardless of race, gender, caste, religion, we want to spread love, friendship and giving” Mr Singh said.

Langar is said to teach compassion through the nature of voluntary work. So, it comes as no surprise that the group have volunteered their services in other ways.

The Guru Nanak Mission have become renowned for helping when times get tough.

The local group kicked off their charity with blood donations at the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood in Tamworth.

During the peak of the drought, the Guru Nanak Mission Tamworth amalgamated with global not for profit organisation United Sikhs to form the Aussie Farmers Relief Program, where the volunteers donated over 13,000 litres of water to more than 30 farming families in Loomberah and Tamworth, NSW.

When the bushfires tore through NSW over a year ago, the group rallied to fundraise $2000 for Fire and Rescue NSW New England North West.

'Seva', a term for selfless service, is a mandatory part of Sikh practice. Prabhjot Singh said the majority of volunteer members in the Guru Nanak Mission are from Punjab State in India. A state bordering Pakistan and is the heart of India’s Sikh community.

Through the completely voluntary service of Langar, Sikhs serve millions of meals a day all over the world, and Tamworth is no exception.


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